Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Split: The Ultimate Raw Noise Project 2011

Released : 2011
Label : Raw Sound, Noiseblast
Genre : Grindcore
Country : Depok, Indonesia

Track List:
Rotting Rex
Grind And Mince
Mincecore Maniac
Falling In Love (CxM cover)
Bombs And Death (Lycantrophy cover)
Tumor Ganas
Killed By Tetanus
Smells Like Grind Spirits (Hak Untuk Komplain)
HxIxUx (Carcass Grinder cover)
Corruption Of Cadaveric Sales
Tumor Ganas - Briliant Fake
Tumor Ganas - Grindcorpusbacteria (live gigs Knpi)


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